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Terms Of Use

Access to and use of paminakids.com, including viewing web pages, communicating with PAMINA KIDS, downloading product information and shopping on the website, is by no means carried out for personal purposes. Being in connection with any trade, business or professional activity. Remember, paminakids.com and you'll be in front of it. Without prejudice to the history of PAMINA KIDS to willful tort and gross negligence, PAMINA KIDS cannot be held liable for any use of the web usage and content made by users that is inconsistent with the applicable laws and explanations.

Information that is true, false or not related to third parties, or information not related to third parties, or if it does not give the consent of third parties) and such data or inappropriate or inappropriate.

1. Privacy Policy

We recommend that you read the Privacy Policy, which is best for users to access paminakids.com and use the related services without making a purchase. The Privacy Policy will help you understand how and for what purposes paminakids.com collects and uses your personal data.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

All content and layouts on this Site such as works, images, pictures, dialogs, music, sounds, videos, documents, drawings, shapes, logos, menus, web pages, graphics, colors, diagrams, tools, fonts, designs, diagrams. The methods, processes, functions and software (collectively "Content") are the property of the PAMINA KIDS COMPANY and are protected by national and international copyright and other proprietary laws. You may not reproduce, publish, distribute, display, modify, create derivative works or use in any way the Content or others without the prior express written consent of PAMINA KIDS COMPANY.

The PAMINA KIDS COMPANY shall have the right to allow or prohibit the reproduction, publication, distribution, display, derivation of the whole or other Content in any way or any article at its sole discretion.

These Terms and Conditions govern the access and use of paminakids.com. Access to and use of this website, as well as the purchase of products on paminakids.com, are based on the assumption that these Terms and Conditions are read, understood and accepted by you. This website is PAMINA GIYIM TURIZM TEKSTIL SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. (GULTEPE MAH. SEHIT OZCAN DEMIRCI CAD. RESAT BARUT IS CENTER NO 12 SEFAKOY KUCUKCEKMECE ISTANBUL).

If you need more information or assistance, go to the Contact Page on paminakids.com where you can find information on purchased orders, shipping, refunds and return items, registration form, tips and other general information about services provided by www.paminakids.com

PAMINA KIDS may change or simply update all or part of these Terms and Conditions. Any changes or updates made to the Terms and Conditions will be published on the paminakids.com Home Page for our users as soon as these changes or updates are made and will be binding as soon as they are published on the website. this episode. Therefore, you should regularly access this section of the website to check the publication of paminakids.com's latest and updated Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with all or part of the paminakids.com Terms and Conditions, please do not use our website.

Any reproduction, publication, distribution, display, modification, creation of derivative works or any use of the Content that is expressly permitted in writing by the PAMINA KIDS COMPANY will be carried out by you only for legal purposes and in accordance with all applicable laws.

3. Links to Other Websites

paminakids.com may contain links to other websites that are not linked in any way to paminakids.com. PAMINA KIDS COMPANY does not control or monitor such third party websites or their content. PAMINA KIDS COMPANY cannot be held responsible for the content of these sites and / or your privacy and the rules adopted, including but not limited to, the processing of your personal data when you visit these websites. Please be careful when you access these websites via the links provided on paminakids.com and read their terms and conditions and privacy policies carefully. Our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy do not apply to websites of third parties.

4. Links to paminakids.com

If you are interested in linking the Home page of paminakids.com and other public web pages, please contact our Customer Support Team.

PAMINA KIDS COMPANY has the right to object to certain links to the website in case the applicant, who wants to enable links to paminakids.com, has adopted unfair commercial or commercial practices in the past, which generally did not or did not accept. market operators or have engaged in unfair competition activities against the Provider or its suppliers, or when the PAMINA KIDS COMPANY fears that such practices or such activities may be adopted by the applicant in the future. In any case, posting of deep links (such as deep frames) to paminakids.com or using unauthorized meta-tags without the permission of PAMINA KIDS COMPANY is prohibited.

5. Content Disclaimer Statements

PAMINA KIDS COMPANY, Turkey in other countries outside of the website does not guarantee that the content is appropriate or legal. However, if such content is considered to be illegal or illegal in some of these Countries, please do not access this website and if you still choose to access it, we hereby notify you of your use of the services provided by www. paminakids.com will be your exclusive and personal responsibility. PAMINA KIDS COMPANY also the content of paminakids.com is correct and does not contain any false or outdated information. However, the PAMINA KIDS COMPANY cannot be held responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the content, except for tort and gross negligence and unless otherwise provided by law.

In addition, PAMINA KIDS COMPANY cannot guarantee the continuous operation of the website without any interruption or error caused by the internet connection. If you have any problems using our website, please contact our Customer Support Team. A PAMINA KIDS COMPANY representative will be at your service to assist and assist you in regaining your access to the website as much as possible. Also, please contact your Internet service provider or check that each device, including your Internet browser, is properly enabled for Internet connection and accessing web content. The dynamic nature of the Internet and web content may not allow paminakids.com. to work without any suspension, interruption or discontinuity due to the updating of the website. The provider has taken adequate technical and organizational security measures to protect the services, data integrity and electronic communications on paminakids.com to prevent unauthorized use or access to data, as well as to prevent the risks of dissemination, destruction and loss. Prevention of data and confidential / non-confidential information about paminakids.com users and unauthorized or illegal access to such data and information.

6. Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Turkish law.

7. Errors and Inaccuracies

Our goal is to provide complete, accurate and up-to-date information on our website. Unfortunately, it is not possible to ensure any website is completely free of human or technological errors. This website may contain typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions

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